Hi! I'm Abbey (pronouns: they/them). I have been editing video for fun since I was in middle school (iMovie on a PowerPC iMac, those were the days!), and have been editing professionally since I graduated from Penn State University in 2011. My university career focused on documentary and experimental filmmaking, culminating in my thesis: Out of His Hands—an exploration of an architect's struggle to adapt to changing technology in his field while still feeling connected to his art.

I started my professional career in the sports world as an intern with the Altoona Curve Baseball Club, moved on to an independent film titled Caveat, and then found a long-term home in 2012 at Interface Media Group (IMG) in Washington, DC. Initially, I worked as a Facility Assistant learning the technical side of editing and coming to appreciate the many legacy video formats out there. After honing my craft on smaller projects for a couple of years, I was promoted to Video Editor in 2015 and began taking on a wide variety of projects working with producers both external and internal, as well as occasionally producing for myself when the need arose.

In my time at IMG, I had the pleasure to work on projects of nearly every length and scope. From 20-minute educational pieces in French to graphics-heavy 15-second promos for PBS Kids, I was always kept on my toes and ready to shift gears at a moment's notice. And given that we were located in DC, I also had the opportunity to work on a fair amount of political projects as well! My clients included PBS, The World Bank, National Geographic Mundo, Johns Hopkins Carey Business School, and International Launch Services.

In 2018, I decided it was time for a change of scenery and left IMG to move back to my hometown of Pittsburgh, PA. It's wonderful to be in a place that is both familiar and so new given the changes it has gone through in the last decade. Since then, I have worked with nonprofits, NGOs, and corporate clients to share their work and company culture with a wide audience. I have also branched out to editing in Russian and Ukrainian in addition to French (with a script!). I hope to work on more projects that spark my curiosity, and to continue to collaborate with production teams that have a mission to share knowledge in fun, creative ways.

In my free time, I am known to play with my kitties, watch Taskmaster with my wife, enjoy a (homemade) craft cocktail or (not homemade) local beer, and fall into Wikipedia rabbit holes.

If you have questions about my work, have a project you'd like to work on with me, or would like to meet me to get a coffee/tea/beer because we'd make good friends, feel free to drop me a line on my contact page!
See below for the programs I use most frequently in my editing/animating work. If you don't see something here, feel free to reach out and ask about it as I may have recently added it to my arsenal or I may be able to pick it up as needed to fit your desired workflow!

Final Cut Pro
After Effects
DaVinci Resolve
Media Encoder

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